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7 Features That Would Have Mad GTA IV Even More Awesome


  1. Saving Photos. Take pictures with your camera phone and email them to your real life email address…
  2. Prison Break. Nico gets caught by police and has to do missions inside the prison including a big revolt…
  3. Mini Missions From Pedestrians. Talk to some pedestrian or taxi driver and he sends you on a random mission to retrieve something, to kill her housband or something like that.
  4. Add Upstate Liberty. I definitly miss some rural area.
  5. Pets. Besides the pigeons and some birds there are no animals in the game. Wouldn’t it be fun to drive over some cute litte doggie being walked by his owner?
  6. Speeding Camreas. Get a photo from every camera throughout the town for 100% and get the pictures mailed to your email address.
  7. Get the Hare Krishna guys from GTA I back…