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Top 13 Digg Top Lists

Why are Digg users so obsessed with top lists? Is it because top lists seem to promise the users easy and proved solutions to their problems? Is it, because they are used to read instructions in a step-by-step way? I didn’t know until I compiled the “Top 13 Digg Top Lists” for my own pleasure and thoroughly analyzed them. Take a look at the lists first and then decide what they tell about the average digg user. What do you think?

Ok, here we go. As of now (2006-12-02) the Top 13 most dugg stories are:

  1. What are the top 100 Viewed Wikipedia Pages?

    5055 Diggs

    This tool shows the articles from the English Wikipedia that are viewed most. Some results may surprise you…

  2. THE Top 15 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities

    2404 Diggs

    A good summary with a description and links of some of the top tools in the Hacking/Security arena. For old hands it will be a familiar list but most people will find a thing or two they didn’t know about.

  3. Top 10 Geek Watches

    2397 Diggs

    2006 apparently is the year of the geek, check out this list of the Top 10 geek watches.

  4. The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever

    2313 Diggs

    Keyboards come in many shapes – from the simplest computer grey $9.99 standard 102-key keyboard to variants that seem to come straight out of a Star Trek episode. Here’s a top 10 list of some really cool keyboards.

  5. Top 10 – Most Dugg Comments

    2294 Diggs

    Usually it’s the digg stories that get all the fame, so I decided to shed some light on the top dugg comments that I could find. I had a good trip down memory lane and a couple laughs while searching for these, I hope you enjoy them too.

  6. The Top 25 X-Men

    2196 Diggs

    With literally hundreds to choose from, we sorted through the many mutants who have been part of an X-team over the past 40+ years. We looked into alternate futures, brief allegiances and long-standing members. These are the top 25 X-Men, the complete list.

  7. The top 10 most popular Open Source Website Templates [ Photos included ]

    2182 Diggs

    The open source design community is alive and well. take a look at some of the best designs at The link goes to the most popular designs. There are some stunning designs and they can be downloaded and used for free as well!

  8. The top 10 most beautiful cellphones

    2057 Diggs

    A set of beautiful phones – if someone knows where to get hold of that ‘KDDI Penck’ please let me know, that one was absolutely stunning.

  9. The Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time

    1978 Diggs

    What films had the most outstanding finales? Some old favorites and some surprises can be found in this top 50 list.

  10. Digg Effect: The Top 10 Things Webmasters Should Know

    1947 Diggs

    One web guy’s lessons he has learned from being on the digg front page a few times. He believes that webmasters trying to abuse digg to get ad clicks are just wasting their time. (Quit promoting yourself, you shmucks!) Good read.

  11. Top 100 Digg Stories of 2005

    1800 Diggs

    See what the top 100 dugg stories of last year were.

  12. Top 5 Mythbusters Segments

    1777 Diggs

    With season 4 of Mythbusters, the popular debunking show on Discovery, NerdEBlog has compiled a list of the top 5 Mythbuster’s segments including Kari’s famous silver bikini clip!

  13. The 25 Greatest PCs of All Time

    1736 Diggs

    Here are the top PCs ever, from machines you owned and loved to systems you’ve never heard of…

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